Sophisticated Technology For
Comprehensive Fleet Management

Final Mile Leasing uses state-of-the-art technology that results in meaningful outcomes for our clients. By streamlining our processes with fleet management tools that monitor, measure, and analyze, we help create money-saving efficiencies.



  • Get the details on fleet, driver, and performance 24 hours a day.
  • Alerts for a wide range of unsafe driving habits.
  • Social responsibility is good for business … taking care of our brand and your brand is an important part of making sure we are both successful.


  • Monitor and measure entire fleet maintenance performance.
  • Alerts for upcoming PM’S.
  • Centralized Data system is web based and on the cloud so you can access records anytime, anywhere.


  • Alerts for a wide range of unsafe driving habits.
  • Monitor speeding, fuel gauges, oil, DEF fluid right from web page.

Hino Insight Telematics

Our fleet uses Hino Insight Telematics so our clients can access important metrics and data while monitoring diagnostics remotely. This tool helps reduces costs and improve efficiency by analyzing metrics such as idle time or instances of heavy braking. By more comprehensively monitoring truck usage, our clients find they can improve both profitability and the efficiency of their drivers.

Additionally, remote diagnostics notify you of any Diagnostic Trouble Codes so you can quickly and safely deal with potential problems and reduce the chances of getting behind schedule.

Insight Telematics from Hino will reduce your operating costs and improve driver efficiency.


  • Real-time tracking of fluid levels, such as oil;
  • Tracking driver location and progress with GPS; and
  • Monitoring of key metrics like speed, heavy braking, distance traveled, and more


Final Mile Leasing uses Autosist to track and monitor maintenance and conditions of our fleet. This system is web-based so our data is centralized and easily accessible. Our fleet management process is streamlined and organized thanks to automatic notifications and tools like fuel trackers, online work orders, mobile uploads for receipts or documents.

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