Why Lease a Commercial Truck?

When a business is growing, owners often think that owning their own commercial truck fleet is preferable to leasing a fleet. Why be obligated to some other company’s terms and conditions when they can own their vehicles and make their own rules? It turns out that there are many real benefits to leasing a commercial fleet that make owning much less appealing.


Final Mile Leasing Makes Sense

When your business is thriving, leasing a commercial fleet is a great way to conserve your resources and allocate your time and money where they’re most needed. By choosing Final Mile’s full-service commercial leasing service, you’ll be able to utilize well-maintained vehicles without dealing with any of the upkeep. Even better? Leasing a fleet will save you money because you’ll avoid the hidden costs of ownership. Our flexible terms can be adapted to the specifics of your business so your needs will always be met.

Hidden Costs of Fleet Ownership

Owning business assets and equipment, such as a commercial truck fleet, is often a financial preference or due to corporate culture. However, there are costs attributed to owning a fleet that a company might overlook

  • Initial purchase
  • Repairs (both parts and labor)
  • Ongoing maintenance, including tires and brakes
  • Replacing vehicles at the end of their life
  • Temporarily replacing vehicles that are out of service
  • Taxes and licensing fees
  • Managing maintenance staff
  • Any fines that might be issued due to safety violations

Leasing a Commercial Fleet

Access the trucks you need, when you need them

No upfront costs or credit limitations. Avoid pulling together liquid assets for a down payment and carrying added liability on your balance sheet. Instead, expense the monthly vehicle costs and invest that capital back into your company.


  • None of the hidden costs of purchasing
  • The ability to upgrade your fleet as vehicles become outdated
  • No vehicle depreciation
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • No repairs or maintenance
  • Quickly expanding your fleet to meet new or unexpected demands

Upgrade Your Fleet and Work with the Best

Don’t try to keep up with new technology that can quickly render your vehicles obsolete. Thanks to Final Mile’s flexible leases, you can determine the length of your trade cycle and upgrade your fleet more often.

Attract high-quality drivers and fleet operators with high quality, modern trucks that are not only well-maintained thanks to our inclusive service plans, but that have the latest advances in safety technology.


Lease from Final Mile

If you’re unsure if leasing is right for your company, contact us today. We’ll review your transportation needs and help you evaluate the costs and benefits of a lease with Final Mile. Make an informed decision so you can be confident in your choice to lease.


  • Decrease your upfront capital investment;
  • Stablize your monthly expenses;
  • Accomodate peak delivery times; and
  • Reduce expensive, unexpected situations.

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  • (Your business must have an active DOT and MC Number)